Before selling to another buyer, it always makes sense to reach out to Haymaker. You may be in one of our buy areas but haven’t been contacted yet. If you are, we will get back to you within 24 hours, and make you an offer on the spot!

As you can see from the map, Haymaker acquires all over the United States. We own mineral interests in over 35,000 producing wells in 26 states and over 500 counties. We strongly believe in diversification and are always looking to add assets to our portfolio. Haymaker acquires both undeveloped and producing minerals, and purchases both oil and natural gas properties.

At Haymaker, we continuously launch acquisition campaigns by creating new buy areas where we have in-depth knowledge and are certain we can pay a premium. In these buy areas, we reach out and proactively contact mineral and royalty owners with offers. If you have been contacted by Haymaker, you are most likely in one of our buy areas, and we are prepared to make you an extremely compelling offer.

Haymaker also purchases large, diversified packages with scattered interests and high property counts. For these royalty packages, Haymaker will perform an independent evaluation of your assets in order to offer full value. Our existing diverse royalty ownership across the country allows us to perform quick evaluations on any property set.

Haymaker Minerals & Royalties Acreage by County

Haymaker Acreage by County